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Skills, Training, and Employment Access for the Development of Youth

Hear directly from our STEADY Work youth on what this program means to them.


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Who We Are

Skills, Training, and Employment Access for the Development of Youth

Wayne County Community Schools provides youth with coaching and on-the-job training to promote the softer skills necessary for securing and keeping a job. These skills include punctuality, consistent attendance, behaving on a job site, accepting constructive criticism, and many more.


"It's a stable/healthy place to try new things and learn responsibilities. I like that we're trusted and listened to and not just treated like youngins. STEADY Work is honestly a game and life changer all in one, and.. I've grown to love it and matured from it."

Izzy, Freshman

"The STEADY Work program has helped me keep my grades up and it has also kept me out of jail. I have stopped doing all of the dumb stuff that I used to do since I have started in the program."

Nate, Senior

"The STEADY Work program means a lot to me, not just because I get paid, but because it exposes me to a multitude of working environments. It also allows me to support my Mom while having fun and trying out different work skills."

Sophia, Freshman

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