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Collaboration With Businesses

Program Benefits for Businesses

  • No Recruitment Costs

  • Access to a pool of motivated youth

  • Our staff work alongside participants to assist with training 

  • A positive connection to the community; Social Capital 

  • Potential tax benefits 

  • Human Resource training for business staff in working with diverse co-workers 

  • Our staff assists with daily routines and expectations set by the business partners. 

STEADY Work Business Partners

CanalView Restaurant, Hogan’s Eatery, Imprint Coffee Roasting, Paton’s Market Place, Pace Electronics, Marshall Farms, Empire Drip, Cracker Box Palace, the Ohmann Theater, Lyons Community Center, Deb’s Crafts & Things, the Quilting Bee, Sodus Library, JT Storage, Village of Sodus, Reaction Concrete, Wayne CAP Weatherization, Bennet Bolt Works, Hometown Auto, and Hometown Bottle & Can Return.

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Interested in Being a STEADY Work Business Partner?

The program has grown exponentially and wishes to expand the number of business partnerships within and surrounding Wayne County to provide our young people ages 14 - 24 with viable opportunities to learn & grow through gaining experience that can lead to meaningful careers in various skills within the region. 

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